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Full-Service Private Labeling: Build Your Brand

With private labeling, take control of your brand identity. We partner with you to navigate the complexities of brand creation, offering comprehensive support from concept to shelf. Benefit from our expertise in packaging, product development, and beyond, all from one source.

TaskFood's private labeling service is your pathway to brand autonomy. We offer a collaborative approach, guiding you through the entire process of building a new brand. From innovative packaging designs to crafting the perfect oat product, you receive all-encompassing support from a team with years of expertise.

Corporate Identity & Digital Presence

Craft a compelling brand story and visual identity that resonates across print and digital platforms, including social media.

Create a robust online presence with our comprehensive webstore solutions, designed from the ground up to reflect your brand vision.

Custom Soft Oat Bars:

Whether using our tried-and-tested recipes or your unique creation, we bring your oatmeal bar vision to life, catering to all preferences. From palm-free options to a variety of toppings, vitamins, minerals, and customizable sizes, we ensure your product is tailored to meet every dietary need and taste desire.


Distinctive Packaging Solutions:

we understand that exceptional packaging is as crucial as the product inside. Our Distinctive Packaging Solutions are designed to ensure your oat bars not only capture attention but also resonate with your brand's identity and values. From eye-catching foil designs to robust carton boxes and secure pallets for transport, we offer a range of packaging options tailored to enhance your product's appeal and ensure its integrity from production to shelf. Explore our customizable solutions to find the perfect fit for your brand.

Foil Wrapping:

Achieve a standout look with custom foil designs for an impressive retail and wholesale presentation.

Durable Carton Boxes

Our packaging is not only strong but designed to grab attention in the retail environment.

Secure Pallets

We ensure your products are safely stacked and transported, maintaining their quality every step of the way.


Made Simple: Perfect for Startups and Events

White Labeling

Our white labeling service is the perfect solution for entities aiming to market their own products swiftly and efficiently. Tailored especially for startups, small businesses, event organizers, clubs, and professional unions, our service streamlines the branding process, making it easier for you to launch your brand with impact.

We understand the unique challenges faced by new and small-scale entities, particularly the need to allocate resources wisely. That's why we offer a fast, comprehensive service that allows you to bring your product to market under your brand. Whether it's for events, sponsorships, or any professional endeavor, we ensure "Your Bar, Your Way" – empowering you to make your mark with a brand that truly represents you.

Leveraging our years of expertise, we provide targeted support where your brand needs it the most. Our team works closely with you to navigate the complexities of branding, offering personalized advice and strategies to ensure your launch is successful. With our white labeling service, you gain a partner committed to helping you achieve your branding goals, making it an ideal choice for those looking to make a significant impact in their field.

Choose from different sizes

Predefined Oat Bars

Our Predefined Oat Bars are tailored for businesses in hospitality, retail, and health sectors, offering a range of sizes to meet diverse needs. Crafted with premium, sustainable ingredients, these bars provide a nutritious snack option, aligning with consumer preferences for healthful and enjoyable choices.

These bars are designed for easy integration into any business setting, with customizable packaging to suit your brand. Ideal for cafes, fitness centers, and corporate offices, they offer a convenient, healthy snack solution. For events and catering, they serve as a quality, hassle-free option that enhances guest experiences.

Opting for our Predefined Oat Bars means choosing a solution that supports your commitment to quality and sustainability. With our help in customization and marketing, you can seamlessly introduce a product that stands out, meeting your customers' desires for taste, nutrition, and convenience.

White Labeling

Sticker on Bar

Our "Sticker on Bar" service offers prefabricated transparent foils, complete with custom sticker designs tailored for your oatmeal bars. This service is designed to enhance your product's presentation, allowing you to showcase your brand effectively and attractively on each oatmeal bar.

These transparent foils are made to fit seamlessly over your oatmeal bars, providing a sleek, professional look while highlighting the custom sticker design that represents your brand. Ideal for businesses looking to differentiate their products, this service adds a personal touch that customers notice and appreciate.

Choosing our "Sticker on Bar" service means opting for a detail-oriented solution that elevates your product's appeal. With our expertise in design and customization, your oatmeal bars will not only taste great but also look exceptional, making them stand out in a competitive market.

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